Pocket TShirt (Tops) by OARSMEN HARPOON

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It’s inspired by the legendary Heimdall of Viking lore, the guardian of the gods and the bridge between worlds.

You love adventure, freedom and quality. You deserve the HEIMDAL logo shirt from Oarsmen. It’s tough, rugged and stylish, with a black top, white logo and a warrior sleeve crest. It’s the perfect shirt to wear when you’re exploring the outdoors, enjoying your hobbies or riding your Harley Davidson. It shows everyone that you’re a confident and charismatic American who lives life on your own terms. Limited time offer. Don’t miss this chance to get the ultimate shirt for the ultimate American. Get your HEIMDAL logo shirt today. 

// Large Shirt • 6’2 TALL • 210 LBS // (Endorsed by a Navy SEAL)

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