Ice Blue Tee Shirt (Tops) with Classic Embroidery by Oarsmen Harpoon

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You’re a man who values elegance and versatility in your wardrobe. You need the Trident tshirt from Oarsmen. It’s not just an Ice Blue T-shirt, it’s an embroidery symbol of style and confidence. It’s made of premium fabric that feels soft and smooth on your skin. It features a crisp white trident embroidered with exquisite quality. These tops are perfect to wear when you want to impress, inspire or indulge yourself. It shows everyone that you’re a man who knows how to stand out from the crowd and impress with your refined taste. Order now and get the best pricing available. Limited time offer. Don’t miss this chance to treat yourself to the best Ice Blue T-shirt ever. Get your Trident tshirt today. You’ll love it. 

// XL Shirt • 6'0 TALL • 218LBS // US NAVY SEAL

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